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Search for the type of equipment you are looking for and where you are located.



If the search was successful and you found people close to you that can lend you the equipment, contact them easily by their phonenumber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Free?

Yes! Diaprove is 100% free.

Can I use Diaprove without downloading the App?

Yes! Go to!

Do I have to have diabetes to join?

No. There are a lot of mothers and fathers to kids with diabetes who are registered on the app as a security to always be able to get help from others.

What if I don't have anything to share?

That's ok. Not everyone has equipment they can spare. You can use the service without sharing anything. But if you do, please consider it.

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Story behind the app

When I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009, I could not be without my diabetes equipment for more than half an hour. If I could not messure my blood glucose I always thought I was too low, and I started to have panic attacks.

Diaprove spread quickly in Sweden and the app have thousands of helpful people sharing equipment with each other, when there is an emergency.

Erik Häggqvist


What do people think?

I would really like to thank Malin and her son Filip who helped me yesterday with insulin when my pump broke. Can't thank you enough for such a quick help.

Mats Sweden

Diaprove is an excellent platform for people with diabetes to build a helpful community and spread awareness. I am proud to be a part of the Diaprove Team.

Andreas Malmqvist Gothenburg, Sweden

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